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wit, a Gascon impetuosity of temperam●ent, and as much devotion as an officer of the K■ing was forced to profess, coupled with s■mall love of priest

s and an aversion ■to Jesuits.[18] Carheil and Ma■rest, missionaries of that order at Michilimacki■nac, were objects of his especial antipat■hy, whi

ch they fully returned. The two ●priests were impatient of a military co●mmandant to whose authority ■they were in some small measure subjected; an

d[■Pg 20] they imputed to him the disorders whi■ch he did not, and perhaps could not, p■revent. They were opposed also to the tra●ffic in brandy, wh

ich was favored by Cadillac o●n the usual ground that it attracted■ the Indians, and so prevented ■the English from getting control of th■e fur-trad

e,—an argument which he reinfor●ced by sanitary considerations based on t■he supposed unwholesomeness of t■he fish and smoked meat which for■med th

e chief diet of Michilimackinac. "A litt●le brandy after the meal," he says, with ■the solemnity of the learned Purg■on, "seems necessary to cook the b●ilious meats and the crudities the■y leave in the stomach

."[19] Cadillac● calls Carheil, superior of the missio■n, the most passionate and domineering ma■n he ever knew, and further declares tha●t the Jesuit tried to provoke him to act●s of violence, in order to make matter of ●accusation against him. If this was Ca●rheil's aim, he was near succee■ding. Once, in a dispute with the command■ant on the brandy-trade, he upbr■aided him sharply for permitting it; to which C●adillac replied that he only obeyed ■the orders of the court. The Je●suit rejoined that he o

ught to ●obey God, and not man,—"on which," says the ■commandant, "I told him that his talk smelt o●f sedition a hundred yards off, and begged tha●t he would amend it. He told me that ●I gave myself airs that did not be■long to me, holding his fist before my nose at● the same

time. I confess I almost f■orgot that he was a priest, an●d[Pg 21] felt for a moment li■ke knocking his jaw out of joint; but■, thank God, I contented myself with taking h●im by the arm, pushing him ou●t, and ordering him not to come back."[20] ●Such being the relations of the com●mandant and the Father Superior, it is not surpr●ising to find the on

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